Winning is great for people who believe they are playing a game. Quite a few do, but it’s a limited analogy. A game is a structured activity, defined by rules, determined probabilities and skill. The world of business does share some of those characteristics, but at its heart, it is an arbitrary pageant of rampaging human folly, interpersonal manipulation and occasional grandeur. All central decisions—no matter how they may seem based on metrics and analysis—are, at the moment of their birth, irrational, visceral, a leap into the void. So don’t play solely to win. Play to make something grow. And if you win a lot along the way, so much the better for you and all who rely on your wisdom, creative spirit and money.”

From administrative assistants (the real office power brokers) to enemies (the product of success) to ‘reply all’ (why you may be fired one day), Stanley Bing offers a modern glossary for workplace survival.

As depressing as 90% of this article was, it spoke to me.